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Swing Patrol at Trafalgar SquareSwing Patrol held its first class on Tuesday August 5th 1998, at the Rising Sun Hotel in Sth Melbourne. 23 students turned up to the first class, within eight weeks they had 200 students. Today, in London alone, Swing Patrol have over 900 dancers a week at their classes and socials. Globally Swing Patrol teach thousands on a weekly basis and are thought to be one of the largest Swing dance schools in the world.

For this reason Scott has been heavily involved in a variety of training seminars over recent years. After spending many years as the training manager at a large finance corporation in Australia he brings strong corporate training skills to the session. They include but are not limited to;

Scene building

The growth of Swing Patrol as a community, first in Australia and now in London, has resulted in Scott being invited to run forums and seminars on scene building. He has spoken at Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden, The Berlin Swing Dance Exchange and Highland Swing in Scotland to name a few.

These seminars are often just for scene leaders or those keen to build a scene. They combine a lot of business sense and some fun anecdotal stories about what has and hasn’t worked for Swing Patrol over the years. Sessions can be run as part of a wider event or in combination with other classes with Scott. If you are interested in inviting Scott to run a session on scene building please get in touch.

Teacher training

Scott currently manages a large team of teachers in London and has previously done so in both Melbourne and Sydney. Taking a very practical approach to teacher training he frequently runs sessions for his own team and teams in other scenes on teaching skills. These include sessions that cover;

  • Breaking down steps

    Scott has been instrumental in the teacher training programme at Swing Patrol which focusses on giving teachers a common framework and vocabulary for their teaching, helping them to explain the dance in a direct and accessible way.

  • Building your class/venue

    It’s one thing to get people to try your class but a whole other skill set to keep people coming back! Scott has spent many sessions sharing his experiences and talking about the brands that have inspired his approach over the years.

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