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Terms & Conditions

Thanks for your interest in me. My basic requirements include transportation, meals, lodging, and hourly class fees with minimums. I work with different teaching partners, each with similar requirements. Please read below for further details and answers to most frequently asked questions.

Promotional Material:

Please feel free to use any material from my web site (videos, pictures, bio).

Partners: My preferred teaching partners are Trisha Sewell, Jenny Thomas, Emily Gassner, Laura Knight and a range of my amazing follows from the London Swing Patrol team.  After agreeing on a partner, you should deal with them directly regarding their own terms and conditions.

Transportation: I am based in East London so best air port is City Airport but London of course offers four choices with Stansted being the second closest.

Meals: It’s pretty standard that meals are provided and I am not fussy. I will eat anything.

Lodging: I need an actual bed to myself (not an air mattress, couch, etc.) in a private room (one with doors that close). I am always OK sharing a room with any of my teaching partners. Other roommate arrangements are fine if I know them and am advised before hand.

Fees and Services:

  • Group Classes: £80 per hour with a partner (this does not include my partner’s rate).
  • Private Lessons: £60 per hour  hour by myself, for up to 3 people. For each additional person, add £10. For myself and a partner, inquire.
  • Performances: Free for anything of a social/improvisational nature and £70.00 for anything that needs to be planned out or rehearsed.
  • Judging: £15 per contest (prelims and finals are treated as two separate contests unless they happen all at once).
  • MCing: Handled on a case by case basis.
  • DJing: £20 per hour. Please notify me ahead of time if you would like me to DJ.
  • Minimums: A minimum of eight hours.
  • Payment: As it suits you.
  • Downtime: At least 10 hours downtime required between last responsibility of one day and first responsibility of the next day to guarantee adequate time for rest and recovery.
  • Cancellation: I don’t have such.. but if your event is to be cancelled please just advise me as early as possible so I can make other arrangements


Promotional Images

Please feel free to use any of the following images. Click for hi-res versions.

Scott Cupit circleScott Cupit dancingSwing PatrolScott Cupit Swing Patrol 2MOS